Round Table “Women in Science”

We invite you to the Round Table on Women in Science: an Interdisciplinary Reflection on Gender Inequality.

The round table is organized by Nanoapp 2019 conference and Satena, Academic and Technical-Natural Science organisation. It will take place on  Monday, June 3rd at the conference hall of Hotel Slon Ljubljana.

Short introductory contributions, which will further outline the contours of the conversation will be presented by the following roundtable guests: Dr. Spomenka Kobe, head of the research section at Institute Jozef Stefan and one of the few women in the Slovenian Academy of Engineering, Dr. Renata Šribar, co-founder and head of the Center FEMA – Institute for Transformative Studies and Action and former member of the Committee on Women in Science, Dr. Urša Opara Krašovec, Researcher at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and a member of the Committee on Women in Science and Nina Perger, a young researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences, whose master thesis dealt with the perception of sexism in higher education area.

The discussion will be moderated by Alja Lobnik.