Prof. dr. Karin Stana Kleinschek


Family name, firstname: STANA KLEINSCHEK, Karin

Research unique identifier(s): SI Researcher ID: 07814

URL for web site:




1997-1998                    Post-Doctoral study: Karl Franzens University Graz, Austria; Department of Physical Chemistry

Post-doctoral field: Chemistry

1993-1996                   Doctor rer. nat.: Institute of Physical Chemistry, Karl Franzens University Graz, Austria; PhD Thesis: ”Surface properties of processed cotton fibres”

PhD field: Natural sciences; Chemistry


1989-1992                    Master of Technical Science: University of Maribor (UM), Slovenia; Master’s Thesis: “Whiteness and Fluorescence of the ecological friendly bleached cotton fibres”

Master’s field: Technical sciences; Textile Chemistry


1983-1988                   Undergraduate studyof Technical Science (Bachelor of Engineering):University of Maribor, Slovenia; Undergraduate Thesis: “Colour as the function of the fibres thermal treatment”

Undergraduate Field: Technical Sciences


HABILITATION (venia docendi)


17.4.2007                     University of Maribor Senate:Confirmation of the International Habilitation commission evaluation report to obtain the title Full Professor at the University of Maribor; degree obtained: Full Professor for Materials.





2007-present                Full Professor for Materials at the University of Maribor, Slovenia


2016-present                Visiting Professor; Institute for Organic chemistry of Materials; TU Graz Austria

2004-present                Head of the Laboratory for Characterization and Processing of Polymers, University of Maribor, Slovenia


2010-present                Vice-president for Research at the European Polymer Network of Excellence EPNOE


2013-present                Representative of Slovenia in Program Committee ERC (European Research Council)


2013-present                Representative of Slovenia in Program Committee of Future Emerging Technologies (FET)


2012-present                Member of Management Board of Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS)


2013-present                Permanent Member of European Academy of Science and Art


2014-present                Associate Member of Engineering Academy of Slovenia – IAS




As part of my academic activity at the University of Maribor, I was responsible for/coordinated several teaching, research and organisational activities:

Implementation and coordination of research projects (last 10 years):

  • 18 international – EU projects: (Horizon 2020, 7thFP, Era.NET, COST, EU, Structural funds)
  • 13 programmes and projects funded by the Slovenian Research Agency ARRS
  • 9 activities relating to the development and implementation of the Slovenia and EU higher education and research policy
  • More research activities funded directly by Slovenian and EU industries.


  • 2007-2017 TOTAL:
    • 41 projects/activities
    • Acquired research funds for the UM: å= 13.068.866, 67 €;

Teaching activities:      

  • Teaching various courses on polymers, surface properties of polymeric materials, biopolymers, biopolymers in medical application, textile chemistry/finishing, etat UM and TU Graz and acting as thesis supervisor
  • 37 BSc students(thesis supervisor), 17 Master students (thesis supervisor) and 20 PhD students (thesis supervisor), supervision at University of Maribor, University of Ljubljana, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia, and University of Graz, TU Graz Austria; currently acting as supervisor to 3 PhD theses
  • Involvement in the preparation of various study programmes at UM.


UM, National and EU institutional academic positions: 

  • 2011-2015 Vice-Rector for Research at UM,
  • 2011-2015 President of Habilitation Committee of UM,
  • 2006-2011 Senator of the UM, Slovenia
  • 2007-2008 Vice-Dean for Research at the Faculty of Mechanical

                        Engineering, UM, Slovenia,

  • 2004-2015 Head of the Institute of Engineering Materials and

Design, University of Maribor, Slovenia,

  • 2013-2015 Representative of Slovenian Rectors Conference in

European University Association – EUA – Research Policy Working Group

  • 2011-2013 Member of Research Committee of Slovenian

Research Agency (ARRS)


Present                                    Slovene representative and member of Steering Committee in COST Action CM1302

Present                                    Permanent member of the Scientific Committee at International Conferences of Polymer Characterisation POLYCHAR,

Present                                    Permanent member of the ELECTROKINETIC SOCIETY Scientific Board,

Present                                    Member of American Chemical Society (ACS)

2009-2013                                Coordinator for the “Health” field in the Slovenian Centre of Excellence “Polymer Materials and Technologies”, PoliMaT

2008 – 2011                              Slovene representative in COST Action D36,

2004 – 2008                              Slovene representative in COST Action D15,

2004 – 2008                              Member of the Scientific Committee of the Value Chain Group “Specialties and New Products” and “Specialties and New Products” of the Forest-Based Products Technology Platform (FP-TP),





I published more than 1052 units, including 194 scientific peer-reviewed papers and book chapters, more than 40 contributions from lectures I gave as a visiting speaker, as well as more than 500 contributions from scientific conferences, patents and innovations, 20 PhD supervisor positions, etc. Link to full bibliography at COBISS.SI:




2017                 University of Maribor: Award for Best Scientific Achievements at the University

2016                 University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering: Award for Best Research Achievements at the Faculty

2015                 Nominated for the American Chemical Society scientific “At-Large Board”

2004                 Ministry for Higher Education and Research, ARRS, Slovenia: Prize for Best Supervision of PhD Thesis

1988                 University of Maribor: Award for Best BSc Thesis